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About Me



Hi, I’m Kat.

I am a world traveller, podcaster and campervan fanatic and I live full time in my 1989 Ford Transit Autosleeper. I am the founder of She’s At The Wheel, a Vanlife events company just for women!

In my two years living in a van, I have developed a closer relationship to the outdoors and to nature. Walking in the forest or wild swimming is my normal these days and it is a fulfilling aspect of this lifestyle. BUT.. the best thing about it is the people you meet and spend time with along the way!

She’s At The Wheel Events exist to support women to get the HECK outside, connect with nature and community in a safe, friendly and supportive environment and get that serious confidence boost to go out and enjoy more vanlife adventures with new friends and make life long memories!

Our Patron Fund means you may even be eligible for free or subsidised tickets to our events, thanks to our amazing patrons.

My Story

When I bought my first campervan, I was plagued by a lack of confidence. I was a nervous driver, always wondering what bad things might happen to me as a woman alone.


I wanted to address my anxieties around solo female van travel and that’s why I started She's At The Wheel Vanlife Podcast! 


Through hosting the podcast I have learned to be braver, bolder and go further than I ever thought would be possible! I even undertook a 4000 mile solo trip across Europe to Bulgaria and back again, passing through France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Greece and Italy- something I never dreamed I could do before!

Trust me- it wasn’t easy! 


I had plenty of challenges along the way - unwanted male attention, a mouse infestation and snowstorms (Check Out episodes 5 and 6 of my podcast!) but I came out the other side with more strength and confidence than I ever thought possible.


Since then I have travelled all around the UK, made countless friends, had so many life enriching experiences and I couldn’t have done it without the confidence boost that creating She’s At The Wheel gave me. 


So, come on, dust that campervan off, take the wheel and start living your best vanlife!

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