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Events FAQ


Are dogs allowed? 

Yes, we love dogs! Well behaved dogs on leads are most welcome, with a few ground rules. If your dog is finding it difficult to remain calm and causes a disturbance to others, we will kindly ask you to take a "time-out" back to your camp. We also would kindly request that you do not bring your dog to our morning meditations or relaxation activities.

Do I need to bring my own chair? 

Yes! Please bring a camping chair, cushion or whatever you need to comfortably sit around the campfire or in the bell tent space. 

Can I bring my children? 

No, sorry. These events are adults only. However we are looking at putting on "mother and daughter" events in the future so watch this space! 

Will there be a marquee?

We are a brand new event and don't yet have the budget for a marquee tent, so please bring an umbrella for rain/sun protection! 

How big are these events?

Our events are about giving everyone space to feel safe make friends and build confidence so we prefer a more intimate gathering. It depends on the event but you can expect a group size of around 30 - 40 for She's At The Wheel Vanlife Meets and between 8-12 on our Vanlife Retreats. 

Can I come alone?

Yes! Many women will be attending solo so if this is your first event alone or if you are looking to make friends you will be very welcome! 

OK- But can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! And if you are sharing a van, you can both get a 10% discount on your tickets by using code SHARING24 at check out!

What time does the event start? 

Please check the specific event but generally check in begins between 2-5pm on Friday.

Are there showers on site? 

The event will be held at St Peter’s Campsite in North Moreton. St. Peters is a small family run campsite, with beautiful views of rolling countryside, horses grazing and red kites flying overhead. There is a shipping container with two hot electric showers a 10 minute stroll from our area of the site, and there will be a shower tent set up in our area as well as shared portaloos. It is recommended that you bring your own means to wash if you do not wish to walk to the shower.

Will there be men on site?
Our event is just for women, and our communal space will be strictly for women. Obviously we cannot police the whole site (including the portaloos) and there will be people of all genders using the campsite. Two male members of our crew who put up the tents before the event will be on hand for maintenance however they will be respectful of our private area and will not be using our women only spaces. The site owner, Jon will also be in and out to feed the horses in the mornings. If anyone has any concerns about this please do email me at 

Have you booked the whole campsite?

We have been given a generous 4400 square metres of private space at the campsite which will be cordoned off and ours to use, and two sides of the "square" will be either trees or open fields rather than the campsite. However there will be other people using the site too outside of your private area, it would not be possible to book a whole site at the price of this event. 

Is there a chemical disposal point on site? 


Are meals included?

Some of our events have special one off Food nights bookable as an extra. Apart from this, food is not provided, you will need to bring all food and cooking equipment with you.

Will there be items for sale at the event? 

Every event is different however we will normally have a small stall selling crafts, second hand clothes and also we may sell food or cold drinks throughout the weekend. WE PREFER CASH PAYMENTS, so we don't have to hand over any fees to the credit card companies! So please do bring cash if you can. 

Is there Electric Hook Up?

EHU is not available at most of our events. If you have a medical need for electricity please email BEFORE booking to discuss with the team. 

Can we have a firepit?

Yes, firepits are allowed! You are welcome to have your own personal fire pit at your camp or in the main firepit area with your own firewood on Friday night. (Firewood and Fire Pit will be provided for Saturdays campfire and also on Friday nights if it is a Vanlife Retreat.)

Some sites will have firewood for sale, please see specific event for details.

Is this a crazy party?

Definitely not! This is an event that focuses on health, wellbeing and connection. To make sure everyone feels happy and safe there will be a responsible drinking policy in place. The sites we use are public campsites with a zero tolerance drugs policy. Anyone found to be taking illegal drugs or becoming drunk and disorderly will be asked to leave the next morning. 

What to bring

The joy of vanlife is having all the things you need with you without having to pack a suitcase! But just in case you weren’t sure please see below for our suggestions of what to bring to our events.  


Please bring a chair! 

This is a pop up event run by a full time vanlifer- chairs will not be provided! Please bring a camping chair, cushion or whatever you need to comfortably sit around the campfire or in the bell tent space. 

Please bring a brolly!

We are a brand new event and don't yet have the budget for a marquee tent, so please bring an umbrella for rain/sun protection! 

Bring clothes that you feel comfortable in and be prepared for British weather! Go wild or go comfy, whatever floats your boat! 

-Warm clothes


-A blanket, hat and gloves for sitting outside

-A Torch

-Sun protection (sunscreen or a hat) 

-Walking shoes / trainers


-Warm socks


-All food for the weekend 

-Yoga mat for our dedicated movement space (not essential)

-Did I mention… please bring a chair! 🙂 


Most of our sites are wild which means they are on slightly uneven ground. If you want to be more level, please bring levelling blocks/chocks, a vanlife essential! If you do not own some yet these are what I use 

Note- Levelling your van is an art that gets easier with practice - it’s important to manage your expectations around the wonkyness of your van!



Depending on the location, you may be able to buy firewood on site for a personal firepit outside your van on Friday night. If not then you will need to bring your own. Please see specific event for more details. (firewood and firepit will always be provided for Saturday’s campfire dinner and also on Friday nights if it is a Vanlife Retreat Event.)

What is your cancellation policy? 

Each event's costs are covered by the tickets sold. If you cancel up to 30 days before you will receive a refund minus a £10 charge to cover processing fees. If we have a waiting list for the event refunds may be allowed up to 30 days before the event, at the discretion of the event organiser. After this time no refunds can be offered unless due to cancellation of the event by the organiser. However, after this time, you can sell on and transfer your ticket to another person in your own time. You are welcome to do this via our Facebook page. When you sell a ticket on, the new ticket holder MUST email with their full name, age, vehicle make and model and number of dogs attending in their party as well as the full name of the person they bought it from.

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